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The whole start of our studio began with a couple of friends talking about what we could do to improve tattooing in this area. We wanted to build a place where art, history, and culture combined. After getting all the ideas together, we realized we didn't have a name for the studio.

Alan Sherman, the owner, lost his son (and our friend), Jackson, to cancer at the age of 19. Jackson was a big music lover, and one of his favorite bands was The Rippingtons. Some of their art brought an idea to us. In one of the pictures, there is a black diamond.

So how awesome is this? We get to have a great name for our studio, along with a way to honor a friend and loved one.

Fly on, proud bird,


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Jason Dobbs

I've been tattooing for over four years now, yet have been an artist since childhood, with formal training from some of the countries and world's most talented artists. When I was younger, I developed an appreciation for tattooing, which soon developed into a deep love. Though I have only been tattooing for a few short years, I have been around the art form for many; watching, learning, and spending countless hours getting tattooed.

I began tattooing in Fernandina Beach, Florida under my mentor Tony Mills at Roadside Attraction Tattoo. In that first year, I traveled to the west coast to test my mettle and to expand my learning. I did a guest spot at Lucky Dog Tattoo in Seaside, Oregon, spending time around San Francisco and Oakland, it was there that I observed, networked, and really discovered myself and art form I practiced.

I moved to Clarksville, Tennessee some time later, rejuvenated and ready to make art. There I worked with the Clarksville Tattoo Alliance, a combination of three different parlors (Tattoo Technique, Killer Rabbit Tattoo, and All-American Tattoo) that let me experience a fast-paced and competitive environment, where you have to learn to be quick at your designs and steady with the machines. After a year there, I packed up my equipment for a quieter place and landed myself happily at Black Diamond Tattoo Studios.

My tattooing style is consistently complimented in line work and color design. I use that as my incentive for confidence in each tattoo and to strive to be better with each design, no matter how simple or intricate the design may be. I will always, however, pride myself on the cleanliness of my finished product.

I enjoy working by appointment to guarantee that I will have plenty of time for the client and their design, but I have no problem with walk-ins and being creative on the fly.


Monday-Saturday, 12pm to 7pm
Friday and Saturday till 9pm

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